Water Heaters

Improve your indoor air quality

Buying a water heater is an important decision for any household. There are many important things to consider related to how much water your family uses on a daily basis. Some of the considerations would be; how many people live in the home, how much laundry is done, how often is the dishwasher used and does your family prefers showers or baths.

There are many choices when it comes to water heaters such as solar hot water tanks, high efficiency tanks, power and direct vent and standard tanks. We provide both water tanks and tankless models.

At Alexander’s Heating we will be glad to provide our expertise in picking the best model for your household. We proudly offer Bryant, Trane, Coleman, Noritz, Rheem and Carrier water heaters because we consider these brands high quality, reliable and cost effective. We also sell, install, repair and provide regular maintenance services for these fine products.

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